DrupalEasy Podcast 24: Lots to Talk About

Join Ryan Price and Mike Anello as they prove that without adult supervision, they can create podcasts as long as anyone. Andrew Riley was snatched by aliens again, so it was up to Ryan and Mike to cover 4 weeks worth of news on a single podcast. Listen in as they discuss the biggest story in the Drupal universe this year (hint: it rhymes with "kitemouse.luv"), $50 lunches, unfortunate verbage, and Mike's new favorite book. (Shhh - don't tell Andrew - we actually have 6 stories in our "5 stories" segment).

5 Stories

Picks of the Week - every podcast we each pick a module, theme, or other Drupal-related "thing" that we'd like to spread the word about.

  • Mike - Panels by Earl Miles (merlinofchaos) - The Panels module allows a site administrator to create customized layouts for multiple uses.
  • Ryan - Data by Alex Barth and Young Hahn (alex_b and yhahn)- Data module helps you model, manage and query related sets of tables.

Site of the Week - every podcast we collectively pick a (usually new) Drupal site to be highlighted and discussed. This week's pick is Domenica Restaurant - http://www.domenicarestaurant.com - thank to Eric Schmidt (not the Google CEO, apparently).

If you'd like your site highlighted, please submit it here: http://DrupalEasy.com/siteoftheweek

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I've been listening to your podcast for a little bit now, and I really enjoy it. I listened to the first half of your latest podcast on my way home from work today, and you mention a developer who has written a few Lucene modules for Drupal. His name is Chris Pliakas (cpliakas on drupal.org) and he is a fantastic developer and an awesome guy. (I should know, I sit a chair or two away from him every workday!) He (obviously) puts a lot of work into his modules and I thought it was awesome you mentioned his modules. Anyway, keep up the great work on the podcast!

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Thu, 12/03/2009 - 19:30