DrupalEasy Podcast 85: Out of Our League

Lin Clark (linclark on Drupal.org) leaves Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, and Mike Anello speechless with her vast knowledge of RDF, microdata, and the semantic web on this episode of the DrupalEasy Podcast. Lin talks about how she favors microdata (check out her new Microdata module) over RDF, her super-cool Web Taxonomy module, and a bunch of other things that demonstrates why she’s one of the Drupal community’s brightest minds. Other topics covered include Zen 5.0 and Google’s “recommendation” of responsive design.

Five Stories

  1. Lin Clark interview - Web Taxonomy moduleIBM Developer Works articleDrupal Documentation Web moduleMicrodata moduleSearch Engine Rich Snippets (via the Google)
  2. Google “recommends” responsive design
  3. Why Web Development is Like Building a House
  4. Drupal.org Project Retention, Download to Usage by Scott Reynen
  5. Zen 5.0 announcement

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Listener Homework

Try out Lin’s Microdata module.

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