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DrupalEasy Podcast 194 - Easter Egg

Ryan Price and Mike Anello sit down for less than an hour(!) and cover all the Drupal news that's fit to discuss from the past few weeks. Topics covered include Composer, modernizing Drupal's issue queue, ES6, external site search engines, and Drupal 8 configuration management contributed modules.

DrupalEasy Podcast 179 - Need to Pee (Michael Schmid, amazee.io, Drupal Community Keynote)

Michael Schmid (Schnitzel), Group CTO of Amazee Group, CTO of amazee.io and super-active Drupal community contributor joins Kelley, Anna, and Mike to discuss amazee.io and Michael's recent DrupalCon New Orleans Community Keynote. This episode also touches on the new (also Swiss!) king of the hill in Drupal code contributions as well as the recent changes at the Drupal Association.

DrupalEasy Podcast 177: New Orleans Day 3

Hosts Ryan Price, Mike Anello, Kelley Curry and Anna Kalata are joined by guests Jason Pamental, David Hwang and sometimes co-host Steve Edwards for a DrupalCon New Orleans wrap-up. We also reinvigorate our meetership with David Snopek of our sponsor MyDropWizard.com and hear about the Drupal 6 funeral parade.

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