Composer Basics for Drupal Developers (7-hour workshop)

Course length: 7 hours

Course is split into two, 3.5 hours sessions on consecutive days.

Students receive a 50+ page PDF handout of the curriculum.

All classes presented with Zoom video conferencing.

Cost: $250

Topics included

  • What is a dependency manager?
  • Composer fundamentals
  • Creating a new Composer project
  • Autoloader basics
  • Using Composer with Git
  • Version constraints
  • Troubleshooting updates
  • Deconstructing the official Drupal Composer template
  • Customizing Drupal scaffolding files.
  • Converting an existing Drupal 8 codebase
  • Dealing with code conflicts in composer.lock
  • Adding dependencies from private repositories
  • Helpful Composer plugins
Mike Anello, @ultimike

Meet the instructor, Mike Anello.

Mike has been an active member of the Drupal community for over 14 years and has been teaching long-form Drupal courses for over 9 years.

Ready to manage your Drupal 8 codebase the right way? Using a Composer-based workflow for your project is the de-facto best practice for Drupal and other PHP-based projects.

I learn a lot from Mike every time I see one of his presentations. He is a fantastic presenter and keeps it entertaining while sharing valuable knowledge.

Learn the fundamentals of Composer as well as strategies for making most of it with your Drupal 8 project with this 7-hour workshop, split into two, 3.5 hour sessions on consecutive days. 

Chock-full of information, good hands-on exercises, and helpful tips & tricks that will be useful to all but the most advanced composer users.
 - May, 2020 workshop participant

Students will also be provided with access to a 50+ page handout that includes the various topics and examples from the workshop.

Cleared up a lot of questions I had about the way we are already using Composer. Thanks!

Workshop previously presented at:

  • Online, August, 2020
  • Online, June, 2020
  • Online, May, 2020
  • As part of the 12-week Drupal Career Online.
  • Florida DrupalCamp 2020
  • NEDCamp 2019

Portions of this workshop previously presented as a presentation at:

  • MidCamp 2020
  • Florida DrupalCamp 2020
  • Various private training clients

I wish I could be a full time student of Mike Anello. I always learn so much and enjoy his materials, classes, and thoroughness. This class is no exception. 

 - May, 2020 workshop participant