Building Content-Rich Sites, Orlando, - July 23, 2009

Published April 20, 2009

NOTE: The date of this workshop has been changed to July 23.

Join us in July at Leu Gardens in Orlando for this day-long no-frills Friday focused on the Content Construction Kit and Views modules, two of the most widely used modules in the Drupal eco-system. We’ll cover these useful tools that allow you to define, edit, add and delete new types of content, such as blog posts, press releases, photo albums or newsletters and how they will be presented on your site. Our hometown no frills fee of $124 covers training from 9 to 5.

If you want to create or improve your sites with blog posts, news releases, photos and video, Building Content Rich Sites will teach you how to allow site administrators to add content-specific data entry fields that are identified and relate specifically to the content. In particular, we’ll cover the theory behind content types, how to add/edit/delete them, how to control their display, and the different "field types."

The Views module allows site administrators to make very flexible lists of content that can be used to monitor topics, sources and topics used by users, such as making a list of all blog posts with a certain taxonomy term, during a certain time period, sorted in a specific way. The course will cover the theory behind views, how to add, edit, and delete them, how to control their output through filtering and sorting.

The workshop runs from 9 to 5, with a break midday so you can grab a quick bite at one of several nearby lunch spots, or check out the scenic grounds of Leu Gardens. Seating is limited, so sign up now.