Professional Local Development with DDEV - 2 hour workshop

Course length: 2 hours

Students receive a 20+ page PDF handout of the curriculum and access to screencasts demonstrating examples covered in class.

All classes and lab sessions presented with Zoom video conferencing.

Cost: $75

Mike Anello, @ultimike

Meet the instructor, Mike Anello.

Mike has been an active member of the Drupal community for over 14 years and has been teaching long-form Drupal courses for over 9 years.

  • What is DDEV?
  • Installing DDEV-Local
  • Getting a project up-and-running
  • Everyday DDEV-Local commands
  • Integration with hosting providers
  • Updating DDEV-Local
  • DDEV-Local Tips and Tricks
  • Getting help

Looking to move your local development environment to a more modern solution? This 2-hour, live, online workshop introduces students to DDEV, a Docker-powered local development environment built on modern principles and designed to be flexible, customizable, and powerful.

A rollicking good command line time! A great introduction to setting and up and using projects with DDEV. Motivates me to move to DDEV.

The workshop will cover installing DDEV-Local, commonly-used commands, as well as a hands-on exercise demonstrating how to get an existing site up-and-running.

Students will also be provided access to a 20+ page handout and more than 10 screencasts demonstrating various DDEV-Local functionality.

Register below for:

  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (1pm-3pm EDT)

Great hands-on intro to Docker based Drupal development, easy to follow and get up and running quickly!

Mike consistently ensures a great learning environment with his show and tell demonstrations, fielding/answering live questions on the fly, leaving you stocked up with tips/tricks, how-to screen casts and documentation at your fingertips.

The workshop is very thorough yet paced so that keeping up with the hands on demos is easy. Mike is a personable instructor explaining and solving issues quickly.