Drupal for Administrators

Published March 2, 2017

DEB0CP: Drupal for Content Providers

DrupalEasy Training Completion Certificate (4 Hours)

Overview: This half-day course provides detailed instruction for those who contribute, author and alter the content of Drupal web sites. The course will help you build the skills needed to update, maintain, review, add, and delete text, photos, links and attachments.  The course will also present needed vocabulary and a general overview of the technology to build the confidence and understanding of Drupal to enable productive communications with site administrators and the technical team.

Objective: Learn to add, delete, and alter content on a Drupal site.


  • What is Drupal? (the software, the community)
  • Drupal Vocabulary
  • Getting comfortable with the Administrative Area
  • Structured versus "free-form" content.
  • Creating content.
  • Working with WYSIWYG editors.
  • Authoring for responsive sites


Audience:  Authors, clerical/data entry staff


DEB0CA: Drupal for Content Administrators

DrupalEasy Training Completion Certificate (8 Hours)

Overview: This full day course provides comprehensive, detailed instruction for those who are responsible for managing users and content of Drupal sites.  It is recommended to follow DEB0CP, and provides all the need-to-knows for authors and site administrators to be confident and comfortable working independently and communicating with developers on needs and issues. Participants will learn to review, filter, delete and publish content to web sites, as well as how to manage users with  varying roles and permissions.  The course also provides an overview of the technology and vocabulary to ensure clear and productive communication with the development team.

Objective: Gain the requisite skills and build confidence to manage and administer content and authors for web sites.