DrupalEasy Podcast 03: Andrew Hearts Fields API

Not even the dreaded DrupalFlu™ can stop us - it can (and did) only slow us down. With Andrew fighting back from 2 weeks of various ailments and Ryan still pretending that he isn't sick, the three of us got together just prior to the Drupal Florida User's Group meeting over the weekend to record DrupalEasy Podcast 03.

Show Notes

Picks of the week - every podcast we each pick a module, theme, or other Drupal-related "thing" that we'd like to spread the word about.

  • Mike - Block Theme by Jacob Singh (JacobSingh) - this module allows you to select a new block template for a particular block via the block's configuration page.
  • Andrew - Restricted Search by Andrew Berry (deviantintegral)- this gives site admins the ability to exclude nodes or entire content types from Drupal's core search system.
  • Ryan - Schema by Barry Jaspan (bjaspan) - Drupal 6 module developer database schema tools and general goodness.

Site of the week - every podcast we collectively pick a (usually new) Drupal site to be highlighted and discussed. This week's pick is Michigan State University's College of Engineering web site - http://www.egr.msu.edu/

If you'd like your site highlighted, submit it here: http://www.DrupalEasy.com/siteoftheweek

If you'd like to leave us a voicemail, call 321-441-3964. Please keep in mind that we might play your voicemail during one of our future podcasts. Feel free to call in with suggestions, rants, questions, or medicinal advice for Andrew.

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I was the organizer of the CMS Showdown and the moderator of the SXSW session. At the end of the session, we declared *all three* CMS's winners of the Showdown, not Drupal as you state in your podcast.

Since this podcast we've uploaded some more information about each team's entry to cmsshowdown.com, and we'll be releasing more information, including the source code for all three sites, in the coming weeks. I'll also be presenting a reprise session at CMS Expo in Chicago at the end of this month where we go into more detail about the approach each team took to solving similar problems.

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March 23, 2009