Podcast 02: DrupalCon - Awesome

Do yourself a favor and give a listen to the second episode of the DrupalEasy podcast. Andrew, Ryan, and Mike discuss the latest Drupal news, with special emphasis this week on the imminent DrupalCon DC!

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Notes from the second (in Ryan's words) aweeeesome DrupalEasy podcast.

Drupal.org upgraded to Drupal 6 - Mike loves the new search stuff, Andrew wondered about the time involved to migrate all the content.

DrupalCon sessions Ryan is most looking forward to:
Going Live: Content Scheduling with Slot Machine

DrupalCon sessions Mike is most looking forward to:
Advanced Ubercart Usage
Why I Hate Drupal

DrupalCon sessions Andrew is most looking forward to:
Staging and Deployment - A Panel Discussion
The Case for Drupal in the Enterprise

Drupal.org redesign by committee notes by Leisa Reichlt. Great blog post about the difficulties of designing by committee and observations about designing by community.

I've unmaintained my drupal 5 modules on purpose by David Kent Norman. We're not sure why he did this, but it isn't a good precedent.

Drupal association election results Buy these people a drink next week in DC. They deserve it.

Modules of the Week
- Mike - Menu Attributes
- Ryan - Better Formats
- Andrew - Diff

Site of the Week
Recovery.gov may be our site of the week, but there's room for improvement. Submit your nominations for the next DrupalEasy Site of the Week.

DrupalEasy Orlando Workshop on 3/11
Drupalcon social media tags #drupalcon and #drupalcondc2009

Special thanks to Ryan's cat and police in his neighborhood for the sound effects.


I wasnt able to download and isnt in itunes yet -- any clue/

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The link is fixed (one of these days I'll remember to set the permissions after uploading).

Thanks again for the podcast. One little flaw: I am hearing the cast with a headset and Andrew, you are very loud sometimes compared to the relativly lowleveled other two guys. Please check this for your next podcast.

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I am not an independent consultant, actually. I haven't been for a long time. I am the Senior Programming Lead for Palantir.net. GarfieldTech.com is my personal blog, but I've not been a freelancer since 2005.

--Larry "Crell" Garfield

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