DrupalEasy Podcast 04: Interview with Ryan Szrama from Ubercart

Ryan Szrama from the Ubercart project sat down with DrupalEasy's Ryan Price during DrupalCon DC for a quick interview.

They discussed Ubercart's beginnings (waaay back in 2006) as well various sites around the web that are using Ubercart. They also talked about the growing ecosystem around Ubercart, talking about the work TopNotchThemes.com is doing in providing Ubercart help and themes to the community.

The discussion also touches on some of the other open-source ecommerce solutions and Ryan's interaction (or lack thereof) with them. They also talked about the inherent value of the Drupal community and how its feedback has been vital to the growth and expansion of Ubercart.

The inteview concludes with a conversation about Commerce Guys and Ryan's new role with the company as well as the Ubercart Resource Directory.

You can follow Ryan Szrama on Twitter (@mr_ubercart).


Thanks, Ryan! Cringed when I remembered saying metropolitan instead of cosmopolitan. I'm gonna blame it on those sleepless nights. ; )

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April 02, 2009