DrupalEasy Podcast 32 - Drupal 6 Performance Tips Interview

Join Ryan Price and Mike Anello as they talk to Trevor James (twitter.com/jamesweblabs), one of the co-authors of Drupal 6 Performance Tips from Packt Publishing. Unfortunately, Trevor's co-author, TJ Holowyachuk, was unable to take part in the interview.

Drupal 6 Performance Tips is a new book that focuses on Drupal-based performance technologies. The book covers topics for all levels of Drupal users, starting with keeping your site updated to memcache integration.

Trevor, Ryan, and Mike discuss basic Drupal performance settings, the Boost module, the different aspects of Drupal performance techniques, as well as different types of caching technologies available to Drupal. In addition, Trevor provides some quick tips for different types of Drupal sites and talks about the plethora of additional information available.

Packt Publishing has given us a couple of copies of the book to giveaway - simply leave a comment below (be sure to leave your twitter or drupal.org username so we have some way to contact you) and we'll pick two winners at random.


Sounds like a great book!

drupal.org = jimmynash
twitter = jnasharu

Thanks for the fantastic podcasts! Keep up the great work!

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Thu, 03/18/2010 - 22:07

I could really use this book. Am currently learning Drupal using Dreamhost and am less than happy with the performance results.
See you at Design 4 Drupal at MIT.
contact: james dot brockman at gmail dot com

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 12:47

I'm from Lincoln, just 50 miles away from Omaha. Loved the podcast. We are in the process of implementing drupal as an option to update web content sitewide at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 14:31

Solid interview -- thanks for making it available.

I'm currently building a Drupal site with a lot of multimedia, and would benefit greatly from reading that book.

Thank you!

-mjross (on Drupal.org)

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 19:15

Great stuff - I just got Boost installed on a site I've been having trouble with, while listening to the podcast. It's trying to do far too much with hardware we can't upgrade just yet.... Starting to behave better already!

And hey, I'll try my luck-- shaddragon on drupal.org. Thanks!

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 21:56

Glad to hear all the talk on the Boost module :)

I actually recommend boost for small sites as well; it has some nice settings for sites that get updated fairly infrequently. Usually small sites are on cheap hosting, thus the benefit can be even greater.

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 01:36

As always an enjoyable and interesting podcast. Thx!

You can find me on drupal.org as dddave.


Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 12:47

This was a very useful podcast,, as I'm just building my first Drupal site for a community radio station. A copy of the book would be a great help. Thanks!
--futtara at gmail.com.

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 14:48

Just these days I stumbled about your podcast. Great job - great information!
Regards form makw (on drupal.org )

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Tue, 03/23/2010 - 10:57

I really enjoyed this podcast, Now I learned lot about boost module, Which currently I am playing with. Very Nice module to boost your site performance. Thanks for the awesome podcast.

Santhosh Abraham
e-mail: [email protected]
twitter: santhoshabraham

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Mon, 03/29/2010 - 16:49

Great episode, guys! We just launched our new web site at the School of Education at University of California, Davis. We're using Boost. It took some tweaking, but it's running great now!

I'd love to get a copy of that book since I'm sure there is more to know about Boost and I still need to do some performance tweaks on it.

In fact, if you're looking for a "Site of the week", check it out!

Shawn DeArmond

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Wed, 03/31/2010 - 12:23

Thanks for the podcast that really opened up some avenues for performance boosting my sites!

Ed Davison
[email protected]

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Fri, 04/02/2010 - 10:35

Hey guys!

I'm a few weeks behind in listening to the podcast (obviously) but I wanted to comment saying I'm excited you're going to come to D4D in June! Last year's event rocked hardcore, and we're hoping this year will be even more kickass! We'll show you guys a great time, for sure.

Also, thanks for the shoutout in the podcast before this one! Though I find it funny I'm known as 'starshaped' and not by my real name :). You guys rock.

Aubrey aka starshaped

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Thu, 04/08/2010 - 10:38

It seems like so many people in the community go by their screen name. If you ever meet hardcore IRC people at events, they introduce themselves as "liberatr", and if you tell them you're "Ryan", they ask "what's your real name?"

We're glad to have you as Aubrey or Starshaped, and I look forward to Boston.

Submitted by admin on Fri, 04/09/2010 - 08:09

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