DrupalEasy Podcast 52: Your Mom with Tom Geller

Tom Geller joins Andrew Riley and Mike Anello to discuss all the recent hubbub in the Drupal universe, including some of the various schools of thought of a Drupal App Store, the state of Drupal.org's forums and Planet, and Tom's new book from Peachpit, "Drupal 7: Visual Quickstart Guide". They also discuss Tom's Lynda.com Drupal videos (as well as video tutorials from other vendors), books and videos about Drupal distributions, and the forthcoming Drupal Watchdog print magazine. 

5 Topics

Picks of the Week
Thanks to Webenabled for sponsoring this week's podcast. Create, develop, and deploy Drupal applications entirely on the Webenabled platform. 

Site of the Week
AudioZero.com - sent in by James Crook (JmsCrk). Provides an easy way to search, bookmark, and rate free audiobooks from the LibriVox project. LibriVox is a volunteer-driven community that produced audiobooks from public domain books. Additional information about the site is available on drupal.org.

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Hi guys,

Just started to listen to your podcasts and got a bit surprised when listening to this one as you mentioned my proposal on how Planet Drupal can be improved. Feel a bit humbled for your support of it.

Would also like to say thanks for a great show, subscribing to it now.

Thomas "tsvenson" Svenson

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Sun, 03/13/2011 - 09:04