DrupalEasy Podcast 68: Chewbacca’s Bandolier


User Experience Designer Lisa Rex joins Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, and Mike Anello in this episode of the podcast to discuss her involvement in the Drupal community, DrupalCon session proposals and sprints, potential interview questions for Drupal developers, and a very brief discussion on the Drupal Security Team’s secret knock. As always, we also have our picks of the week and an especially time-sucking site of the week.

Five Stories

  1. Lisa Rex (lisarex on drupal.org), DrupalCampNYC.org.
  2. Morton’s article about DrupalCon Session Proposal voting
  3. DrupalCon Denver sprint leads can get a free ticket
  4. Greg Knaddison named head of Drupal security team http://buytaert.net/greg-knaddison-and-drupal-security
  5. Hiring Great Drupal Developers blog post, interview questions, Four Kitchens skills assessment, FizzBuzz test

Picks of the Week

Contest - The winners of Emma Jane’s “Drupal User’s Guide” are: Doug Ashley and Bob Waltenspiel


Site of the Week - Shorpy Historical Photo Archive - http://www.shorpy.com/ - submitted by Lisa Rex.

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November 22, 2011