DrupalEasy Podcast 75: Andrew’s Birthday

Drew Gorton and Ronan Dowling from Nodesquirrel.com join Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, Mike Anello, and a mystery guest(!?) on the 75th episode of the podcast. Nodesquirrel is a new Drupal site database backup service that integrates seamlessly with the Backup and Migrate module. Listen in as we discuss the Drupal 8 timeline, the mystery guest takes a geography quiz, and we all do our very best not to mention that it's Andrew’s birthday (spoiler alert - we succeed!)

Five Stories

  1. NodeSquirrel.com, Nodesquirrel module, Backup and Migrate module, gortonstudios.com
  2. Drupal Association DrupalCon Europe 2013 survey (vote by March 1)
  3. DrupalCon Denver Ski Trip
  4. Drupal 8 Code Freeze, December 1, 2012
  5. Most followed issues on drupal.org 

Picks of the Week

  • Mike - Friendly Register by Andrew M Riley (Andrew M Riley on drupal.org) - checks if a username and/or email address is already in use prior to the user submitting the registration page.
  • Andrew - Webform A/B Testing by Brock Boland (BrockBoland on drupal.org) - shows some users webform A, other users webform B and eventually declares a winner based on conversions.
  • Ryan - Decisions by various maintainers -  a replacement for poll.module and provides advanced voting systems and decision-making tools.
  • Drew - Pressflow - Drupal with performance patches - many of which make it into the subsequent core release (e.g. D7 has Pressflow 6 stuff in it)
  • Ronan - Recurring Billing session by Joe Shindelar (eojthebrave on drupal.org) from Lullabot at DC Denver:



Site of the Week

http://mascotas.chollu.com/ sent in by Carlos (translated to English)

If you'd like your site highlighted, please submit it at http://DrupalEasy.com/siteoftheweek.

Listener Homework

Memorize the capitals of all the European countries.

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