DrupalEasy Podcast 83: Climbing the Drupal Ladder

Bryan Hirsch (bryanhirsch on drupal.org) and Kay VanValkenburgh (kay_v on drupal.org) join Andrew Riley and Mike Anello on this week’s episode of the DrupalEasy podcast to talk about the Drupal Ladder, a community project they started to help train future Drupal core contributors.

Five Stories

  1. The Boston Initiative, DrupalLadder.orgrelated Drupalize.me videos.
  2. Drupal Association Community Cultivation Grants available
  3. David Rothstien added a Drupal 7 maintainer
  4. Improved session selection process for DrupalCon Munich
  5. The second rate citizens of DrupalCon

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Listener Homework

Complete the first 3 rungs of the Drupal Ladder by the next podcast.

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Holy cow, thank you for this podcast! I got all fired up at Drupalcon Denver, and we're having our first learn sprint tomorrow night at our local meetup (Kansas City, meeting in Lawrence). I've been flapping around about how to run this, and the podcast is so helpful.

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:29