DrupalEasy Podcast 88: Oh the Huge Manatee!

Wim Leers (Wim Leers on drupal.org) joins Andrew, Ryan, and Mike to discuss the Spark distribution and all the new, cutting edge authoring-experience related modules that go along with it. Lisa Rice from Brevard Workforce also calls in to talk about Drupal workforce development, and everybody discusses the latest Drupal news and makes some outstanding picks of the week.

Five Stories

  1. Spark distribution: Edit module, Mobile friendly navigation toolbar module, Field API Pane Editor module, Icon fonts module, Aloha Editor. Spark developers worked directly wiht Aloha Editor developers, Spark demo site, and an icon font creation tool.
  2. Wunderkraut + Mearra + NodeOne + Krimson merger.
  3. Acquia is the fastest growing software company in the U.S.
  4. Anatomy of a Full-Featured, Responsive (Adaptive?) Slide Show
  5. Lullabot Podcast - the last one??!!!

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WebEnabled.com - check out their App Library!

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Wow, this is a jam-packed episode.

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