DrupalEasy Podcast 89: Independent Front Enders

Juan Pablo Novillo Requena (juampy), author of Drush User’s Guide, joins Mike Anello (ultimike) and Ted Bowman (tedbow) to discuss all things Drush, everything that makes Drush awesome, and why (just about!) everybody should be using Drush. They also discuss (sadly at first, then hopeful!) the first DrupalCon to be cancelled, the Drupal Association’s at-large Board of Directors nominations, a new Drupal.org profile field, as well as several other topics, and our picks of the week!

Five Stories

  1. Drush User’s Guide, Drush.
  2. The Cancellation of DrupalCon South America and some smart reactions.
  3. The addition of the “My Mentors” drupal.org user profile field, (early) map of mentor relationships.
  4. DrupalCamp Atlanta Media module code sprint
  5. Drupal Association “at large” BoD nominations http://groups.drupal.org/node/254898

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