DrupalEasy Podcast 92: Mongolian Rollerderby

Katherine Druckman (katherined as well as the LinuxJournal.com webmistress) joins Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, and Mike Anello for our 92nd podcast. We discuss Linux Journal’s special Drupal-only issue, the increasing length of the Drupal release cycle, and Open Atrium 2.0’s roadmap. Ted Bowman also makes a special appearance live from BADCamp to discuss the latest happenings. 

Five Stories

  1. Linux Journal’s Drupal Special Edition
  2. Drupal release cycles, time will tell - blog post by Bert Boerland 
  3. Moving forward with Open Atrium 2.0
  4. Markdown Trolling (relevant XKCD comic)
  5. BADCamp 

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