DrupalEasy Podcast 93: Managing Expectations

Cindy McCourt (idcm), author of Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites, joins Andrew Riley and Mike Anello to discuss (almost) everything there is to know about Drupal project planning, development methodologies, gathering requirements, and everything else that goes into planning a successful Drupal project. Along the way, Greg Dunlop’s (heyrocker) CMI fundraising, comment spam prevention, and Drupal 7.17 are discussed, capped off with our picks of the week.

Five Four Stories

  1. "Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites" available on amazon, bn.com, and iBooks.
  2. CMI Fundraising Update
  3. Simple Anti-Spam module
  4. Drupal 7.17 

DrupalEasy News

“Drupal Time” performed by Marcia and Gus, graduates from the DrupalEasy Career Starter Program, 2012.

Picks of the Week



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HP Life e-learning, submitted by Mike Kadan

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November 20, 2012