DrupalEasy Podcast 94: Michigan, Minecraft, Montoya, and Mobile Menus

Kendall Totten (starryeyez024) joins Ryan Price and Mike Anello to talk about designing and implementing mobile-friendly navigation. Kendall is a Drupal designer, themer, and trainer with Mediacurrent. Also discussed is the new "Feature Complete Phase" that was recently added to the Drupal 8.x release cycle, all of the wonderful new stuff that has recently been committed to Drupal 8.x, and Acquia's newest pile of cash.

Four Stories

  1. Kendall Totten's Responsive Design: Mobile Menu Options blog post. Brad Frost's Responsive Navigation Patterns blog post, Ryan’s Tip. Kendall's web site: http://www.kendallsdesign.com/.
  2. Drupal 8 Feature Freeze Extended to February 18 blog post by Dries.
  3. Too many changes blog post by Daniel Wehner - rundown of recent commits to Drupal 8.
  4. Acquia raises another $30M blog post by Dries.

DrupalEasy News

DrupalCon Sydney pre-conference training: Blue Collar Git - Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

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