DrupalEasy Podcast 97: Breaking Records

Emma Jane Hogbin (emmajane), Drupal author, trainer, and all-around superstar of all things Drupal (as well as a bunch of non-Drupal things) joins Andrew Riley and Mike Anello on the first episode of 2013! The trio discusses Emma Jane’s Drupal writing career, recent training events, Drupal 8, and also takes a look back at their favorite Drupal “thing” of 2012. They also say “aloha” to CKEditor, getting off the Drupal island, the most followed Drupal.org issues, and take a sneak peak at Drupal 9. Not leaving well-enough alone, they also make some picks of the week!

Five-ish Stories

  1. Emma Jane Hogbin interview - Front End Drupal book, Drupal User’s Guide book, Digital Drupal workbooks, PHP for Real Drupal Developers course, Lorna Jane Mitchell’s PHP Master book 
  2. Drupal 2012 Highlights
  3. From Aloha to CKEditor blog post from Dries
  4. Getting off the island in 2013 blog post from Larry Garfield, Sunshine PHP Conference
  5. Most followed Drupal.org issues tweet by Angie Byron
  6. Drupal 9 tweet by Dries

DrupalEasy News

DrupalCon Sydney pre-conference training: Blue Collar Git - Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

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Long time listening (first time poster). Sorry it's a bit negative, but the signal to noise ratio was not so good on this podcast.

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Sat, 01/12/2013 - 08:53

Author comment

Sorry to hear that you feel that this episode was too long. We really love Emma Jane as a guest, so we may have gotten a bit carried away!