DrupalEasy Podcast 98: Bad(?) 80s Music

Holly Ross, the incoming executive director of the Drupal Association joined Ryan Price and Mike Anello on this episode to talk about the her background, the Drupal community, and her new job. Along the way we learn about her background in community organizing and building as well as her love of awesome 80s music. Other topics discussed include Omega 4, the usability of module names, and the 2012 internet in numbers. 

Four Stories

  1. Holly Ross interview - previously with the Nonprofit Technology Network (yes, it’s a Drupal site), listed in the Nonprofit Times Power and Influence Top 50 four times (2009-2012)
  2. The new face of Omega 4 by Kathryn McClintock (kathryn531) - no more zones and regions, SASS, new layout and grid system
  3. Drupal Modules: Usability Starts With A Name blog post by Julian Granger-Bevan (juliangb)
  4. What Happened on the Internet in 2012

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