DrupalEasy Podcast 112: One Track Mind

Mike Ryan (mikeryan), author, maintainer of the Migrate module, and Acquia’s unofficial “migration guy” joins Ted Bowman and Mike Anello on the one-hundred-and-twelveth episode of the DrupalEasy Podcast. The Migrate module is covered from all angles, including the Drupal-to-Drupal Data Migration module, the future of the migrate module, and contributed module support. Recent departures from the list of Drupal 8 maintainers leads to an interesting discussion about the possible effects of the major Drupal 8 code changes on the rate of Drupal 7-to-Drupal 8 module upgrades. Finally, we wraps things up with some picks of the week and Mike Ryan’s answers to our five questions.


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions. Here are Mike Ryan’s answers:

  1. MacBook Pro, PHPStorm
  2. Alex Ward (cthos)
  3. Anywhere that is seasonally appropriate
  4. Angie Byron (webchick)
  5. Migration support

Want to know what the five questions are? Listen to the podcast!

DrupalEasy News

ThreeTwo Stories

  1. How can we fix Drupal 8 blog post by Cameron Eagans (cweagans)
  1. Drupal Association hiring a Technology Manager


Picks of the Week

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August 21, 2013