DrupalEasy Podcast 115: Bigger and Free-er

David Hwang (eatings) and Anne Stefanyk (Annabella) join Andrew Riley, Ted Bowman, and Mike Anello to talk about the 2013 Bay Area DrupalCamp. We talk about what it takes to put on a camp of this size as well as the summits, sprints, and sessions that will be taking place October 24-27, 2013. In addition, we have a DrupalCon Prague whip-around, wish we wrote Bryan Braun’s excellent blog post about sharing knowledge, and share some picks of the week.


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions. Here are the answers:

  1. Anne: Gmail/IRC/GoogleDocs, David: OS X/Sublime Text
  2. Anne: Nathan Haug (quicksketch) and Jen Lampton (jenlampton), David: Jesse Beech (jessebeech)
  3. Anne: Canada, David: East or South Asia
  4. Anne: Dries/Josh Koenig Q&A, David: Mark Boulton
  5. Anne: WYSIWYG, David: Layout module

Want to know what the five questions are? Listen to the podcast!

##Three Stories

  1. DrupalCon Prague
  1. Please, stop stewing, and start blogging about Drupal - blog post by Bryan Braun (bryanbraun)
  2. Making of a DrupalCon: How Sites Are Selected - blog post by Stephanie Torres


Picks of the Week

Upcoming Events

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Intro Music

Wunderkraut Choir from DrupalCon Prague. The performers are with Cancioneta Praga, a Prague-based professional choir (thanks to Matts Hildén and Vesa Palmu for the details!)


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