DrupalEasy Podcast 122: Insert Witty Title Here

Tim Plunkett (tim.plunkett), Drupal 8 core contributor joins Andrew Riley, Ted Bowman, and Mike Anello to discuss Views in core, the state of the Drupal 8 configuration managment initiative, and to make his prediction as to when we’ll see the first Drupal 8 beta. All that plus a few face at the DA, Panopoly 1.1, and four non-module picks-of-the-week.


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions. Here are the answers:

  1. MacBook Air, phpStorm with vim plugin
  2. Matthew Tift (mtift)
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Advanced caching and performance techniques
  5. Panels

##Three Stories

  1. Stepping Down blog post from chx
  2. Panopoly 1.1 Released blog post by Tom Kirkpatrick (mrfelton).
  3. Hello Drupal Community blog post by Lauren Shey, the new Drupal Association Community Outreach Coordinator. Lauren will be responsible for arranging Global Training Days, Community Webinars, keeping up with Drupal Camps and finding ways to support the community. Follow Lauren on Twitter at @lsheydrupal.


Picks of the Week

  • Andrew - Compass - a CSS framework
  • Ted - Drupal Camp NJ Sunday mentoring - don’t leave camps early - some camps have valuble events/sprints after camps.
  • Mike - HootSuite Pro - a nice tool that can take an RSS feed and automatically push out its items to various social media outlets.
  • Tim - Uncommitted - a python script you can run via cron to remind you of VCS repos with uncommitted code on your filesystem.

Upcoming Events

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Intro Music

Drupal Way by Marcia Buckingham (acmaintainer) (vocals, bass and mandolin) and Charlie Poplees (guitar). The lyrics by Marcia Buckingham, music by Kate Wolfe.


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February 04, 2014