DrupalEasy Podcast 126: Where is Yugoslavia? (Théodore Biadala)

Théodore Biadala (nod_), technical consultant with Acquia, and one of the Drupal 8 JavaScript maintainers, joins Andrew, Ted, and Mike to talk about the current (and future) state of JavaScript in Drupal core. Also discussed is Acquia’s new certification program, DrupalCon Latin America, and picks of the week that you’re not going to want to miss!


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions. Here are the answers:

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad, Ubuntu
  2. Reuben Teijeiro (rteijeiro)
  3. Asia
  4. Drupal 8 plugins
  5. Keep the responsive preview patch out of core

##Three Stories

  1. Acquia Certification for Drupal blog post by Dries. Drupal core committer takes Acquia Certification exam. You won't believe what happens next! blog post by Angie Byron. Ready for Certification blog post by Heather James. Acquia Certification Developer exam blueprint.
  2. DrupalCon Latin America 2015 Site Selected blog post by Stephanie Torres.
  3. And the Drupal Job Board Will Be Built By… blog post by Leigh Carver (leighc).


Picks of the Week

Upcoming Events

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Intro Music

Drupal Way by Marcia Buckingham (acmaintainer) (vocals, bass and mandolin) and Charlie Poplees (guitar). The lyrics by Marcia Buckingham, music by Kate Wolfe.


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April 01, 2014