DrupalEasy Podcast 135: Deltron 3030 (Ronan Dowling, Backup and Migrate 3.0)

Ronan Dowling (ronan), lead developer at Gorton Studios joins Ted and Mike to talk about all the new features in Backup and Migrate 3.0 including file and code backup and a improved plugin architecture. We also get up-to-speed with Drupal 8 development, review some Drupal-y statistics, make our picks of the week, and ask Ronan 5-ish questions.


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions. Here are the answers:

  1. MacBook Pro, MAMP, Sublime Text
  2. No answer
  3. Twin Cities
  4. Dependency injection
  5. Core method to determine content vs. caching tables
  6. (Penalty question because Ronan bailed on question 2): (future module!) Backup and Migrate Email

DrupalEasy News

  • Drupal Career Online - our long-form, Drupal career training program is now online, and open to anyone to apply. Florida residents may be eligible for a full scholarship through their local workforce board, contact us for details.

##Three Stories

  1. Drupal Core Update - July 16, 2014 blog post by Lee Rowlands (larowlan).
  2. Front-end Rapport #3 blog post by Mike Herchel (mherchel).
  3. Drupal 8 Survey Insights blog post by Andrew Wilson (AndrewKWilson).


Picks of the Week

Upcoming Events

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Intro Music

Drupal Way by Marcia Buckingham (acmaintainer) (vocals, bass and mandolin) and Charlie Poplees (guitar). The lyrics by Marcia Buckingham, music by Kate Wolfe.


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July 22, 2014