DrupalEasy Podcast 137: Are you the Drupal guy? (Dries Buytaert)

Dries Buytaert (Dries), founder and lead of the Drupal project and co-founder and CTO of Acquia joins Mike, Andrew, Ryan, and Ted for a very special episode of the podcast. We peppered Dries with questions on wide array of topics including Drupal 8 pace, semantic versioning, and initiatives, funding core development, Drupal 6 support, Acquia Lift, Acquia Engage, Dries’ score on the Acquia Certification Exam, the founding of Acquia, and not-exactly-why Taylor Swift was cut from one of his keynotes (phew!).


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions, but since Dries already answered them, we came up with five new questions, just for him. His answers:

  1. He hasn’t taken it yet, but is hoping for a 65.
  2. About a year ago.
  3. No idols but there are a lot of people he aspires to like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds.
  4. Yes, at the supermarket.
  5. No answer (he’ll get back to us).

DrupalEasy News

  • Drupal Career Online - our long-form, Drupal career training program is now online, and open to anyone to apply. Florida residents may be eligible for a full scholarship through their local workforce board, contact us for details.

##ThreeTwo Stories

  1. Drupal 7.31 security update - worked together with the WordPress community. Wordpress announcement
  2. Drupal 6 Support - continue support for 6.x for 3 months after 8.x is released.


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Intro Music

Drupal Way by Marcia Buckingham (acmaintainer) (vocals, bass and mandolin) and Charlie Poplees (guitar). The lyrics by Marcia Buckingham, music by Kate Wolfe.


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August 12, 2014