DrupalEasy Podcast 155: Feel 66% Better (Ben Jeavons - Drupal.org Two-Factor Authentication)

Ben Jeavons, coltrane on Drupal.org, member of the Drupal security team, joins Ted Bowman, Ryan Price, and Mike Anello on the first post-DrupalCon Los Angeles podcast. Ben gets us up-to-speed on two-factor authentication and the modules he helped write as well as their implementation on Drupal.org. We also wrap up our coverage of DrupalCon Los Angeles, practice using Ted's new nickname, and assign homework to listeners.


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  1. Cornell Gamelan Ensemble.
  2. Feedly app.
  3. Getting taxes done by end of January.
  4. Checkers-playing pigeon.
  5. My first Florida DrupalCamp.

Intro Music

Simpletest - from the DruaplCon Los Angeles pre-note performed by Jeremy "TestBot" Thorsen.


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May 26, 2015