DrupalEasy Podcast 156 - Ryan forgot to do his homework (Jesus Olivas, Eduardo Garcia - Drupal Console)

Jesus Manuel Olivas (jmolivas), Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer at FFW and Eduardo (Enzo) Garcia (enzo), CTO at Anexus IT, two of the maintainers of the Drupal Console project join Mike Anello and Ryan Price to talk about Drupal Console, Cultural Construction, keeping core and module development on Drupal.org, as well as some other current Drupal-y news and our picks of the week!


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Five Questions (answers only)

Enzo | Jesus

  1. Travelling | Family
  2. PhpStorm early access program | Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command
  3. Bungee/parachute jumping | Moving to another country
  4. Anteater | giraffe
  5. The day his first Drupal project went live and didn't break | His first Drupal event

Intro Music

DrupalCon - from the DruaplCon Los Angeles pre-note performed by Kristina Bjoran.


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June 04, 2015