DrupalEasy Podcast 157 - Rabbit Food (Anna Kalata - Getting Started in Core Development)

Anna Kalata (akalata), a freelance Drupal Developer (AnnaKalata.com) from the Chicago area joins Ryan Price and Mike Anello to talk about getting started in core development, the New Jersey Shore Sprint, workflow, the Druplicon, Drupal major version stats, and our picks of the week.


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Picks of the Week

  • Mike - Workflowy - web-based outliner with companion iOS and Android apps. Items can be marked as completed, notes added, exported, and more.
  • Ryan - ImageOptim for compressing images up to 80% smaller, make your page lighter.
  • Anna - Timothy hay, Dandelion greens, and carrot tops.

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Five Questions (answers only)

  1. Learning to play clarinet.
  2. Tiny Deathstar.
  3. Going back to a North American DrupalCon.
  4. Armadillo.
  5. Volunteering at MidCamp 2014.

Intro Music

"Part of my Site" - from the DruaplCon Los Angeles pre-note performed by Ronai Brumett.


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June 16, 2015