DrupalEasy Podcast 160 - Shamed (Michelle Krejci - Automated Drupal Deployment)

Michelle Krejci (craychee), engineer at Palantir.net, joins Mike Anello, Ted Bowman, and Ryan Price to talk about grand Belgian statues, things in Chicago that only tourists love, why we're all confused about the thing called "continuous integration" and all the tools and technologies around it. Michelle breaks it all down for us and provides a reasonable entry point for beginners. Recent Drupal news, picks of the week, and five questions round out the rest of the episode.


DrupalEasy News

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Three Stories


Picks of the Week

Upcoming Events

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Five Questions (answers only)

  1. Run marathons.
  2. The Dilbert Principle (book).
  3. Containers.
  4. Emu (definitely not the monkey).
  5. When she found that being a Drupal developer didn't necessarily mean writing PHP and building content types.

Intro Music

"You Ain't Never Had a Dev Like Me" - from the DruaplCon Los Angeles pre-note performed by Aaron Porter.


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August 04, 2015