DrupalEasy Podcast 162 - Meeting Dries in the Loo (Alex Pott, Drupal 8 Update)

Alex Pott (alexpott), Drupal Research Engineer for Chapter Three, and a Drupal 8 co-maintainer joins Mike, Ted, and Ryan with an update on Drupal 8 critical and major issues, and the path to a Drupal 8 release. We also discuss progress on the Rules module for Drupal 8, beta-to-beta Drupal 8 updates, and Ted's epic screencast.


DrupalEasy News

  • DrupalEasy's Drupal Career Online's 12-week Fall 2015 session is underway with an all-new version of the curriculum that focuses on modern Drupal development workflows as well as including all-new Drupal 8 lessons.

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Five Questions (answers only)

  1. Plays the ukulele.
  2. Butt.
  3. Live by the sea and sail on a boat regularly (after he gets Drupal 8 out the damn door).
  4. Deer.
  5. DrupalCon Paris, sprinting with Karen S and shaking Dries' hand in the toilet.

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Every Day I'm Drupalin' Drupal Rap.


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September 20, 2015