DrupalEasy Podcast 168 - Spooning with a Fork (Jen Lampton, Nate Haug - Backdrop Update)

Drupal fork Backdrop co-founders Jen Lampton (jenlampton) and Nate Haug (quicksketch) joined Mike, Anna, and Ted to discuss the current state of Backdrop, its (surprising) relations with the Drupal community, Drupal 8, as well as some current Drupal news and our picks of the week!


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Five Questions (answers only)

  1. Equestrian.
  2. Many, many Android volume control apps (still looking for one that works).
  3. 2015 tax return.
  4. Koala.
  5. After developing her first two Drupal projects.

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The Drupal Song - written and performed by Jeff Robbins.


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Your guests Jen and Nate were talking about github, forks, patching and credit and some of their difficulties therewith.

There is a way to pull patches from a fork or the main project on github and give credit. You just add .patch to the end of the url of a commit page, pull request, or compare view.

TIP: I found that when there was something like #diff-3254677a7917c6c01f55212f86c57fbf at the end of the url I had to strip it away, then add .patch to see the plain text patch.

In your git project folder where you want to apply the patch you can do it directly using the url copied from the browser something like this:
curl https://github.com/foo/bar-project/commit/84562b20b8fccecff24fa82a66d36041e417f424.patch | git am

When I have patched a github project this way it gives credit to the original patch maker, something like this

foo committed with bar on 1 Jan 2016

More about this and other Github secrets can be found in the blog post "Github Secrets"

Submitted by Frederick Henderson (not verified) on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 05:36

I also forgot to mention that Github has a wrapper called hub for git that adds Github sugar to git. This might be a good tool for BackDrop coders.

hub is a command-line wrapper for git that makes you better at GitHub

Take a look at the "As an open-source maintainer" section on the hub website.

Submitted by Frederick Henderson (not verified) on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 11:22

January 22, 2016