DrupalEasy Podcast 172 - The Coup (Jeff Geerling - Drupal VM)

Jeff Geerling (geerlingguy), lead maintainer of the Drupal VM project joins Ted, Kelley, and Andrew for a lesson on Drupal VM, and how it can be leveraged by Drupal developers. Additional topics discussed include recent community voting results, Drupal 8.1, Peco, and renting chickens.


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Five Questions (answers only)

  1. Collect raspberry Pi computers. Has 13 Pis on his desk.
  2. Peco (Andrew rocks!) - Debian on an O-Droid.
  3. Getting heating and cooling system to auto control zones of the house.
  4. Rented Chicken
  5. Going from 56 Joomla sites to one Drupal site with Organic Groups (OG)

Intro Music

You Ain't Never Had a Dev Like Me - from the DruaplCon Los Angeles pre-note performed by Aaron Porter.


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March 26, 2016