DrupalEasy Podcast 179 - Need to Pee (Michael Schmid, amazee.io, Drupal Community Keynote)

Michael Schmid (Schnitzel), Group CTO of Amazee Group, CTO of amazee.io and super-active Drupal community contributor joins Kelley, Anna, and Mike to discuss amazee.io and Michael's recent DrupalCon New Orleans Community Keynote. This episode also touches on the new (also Swiss!) king of the hill in Drupal code contributions as well as the recent changes at the Drupal Association.


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##Three (Two) Stories


Picks of the Week

  • Mike - Rules module again, because it is so freakin' awesome.
  • Anna - Teleport.org uses “Big Data” to compare different places to live. Focused on start-ups and other knowledge workers. Fun to look at (and scope out places where I might need to move after November!).
  • Kelley - Headspace mindfulness app to reduce stress, improve focus, relax.
  • Michael - Drop Guard - Updates your Core and Modules automatically.

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Five Questions (answers only)

  1. Drones! FPV and Video/Photo Drones.
  2. Alexa and Wink (Home Automation).
  3. Life.
  4. An Elephant.
  5. At DrupalCon Copenhagen's closing ceremony - the Kitten Killers performance.

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June 17, 2016