DrupalEasy Podcast 194 - Easter Egg

Ryan Price and Mike Anello sit down for less than an hour(!) and cover all the Drupal news that's fit to discuss from the past few weeks. Topics covered include Composer, modernizing Drupal's issue queue, ES6, external site search engines, and Drupal 8 configuration management contributed modules.


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Hi Guys!
Just wanted to pop in here and say that I listen to all your podcast. I am bit behind right now, but better late than never.

Mike mentioned that he had not figured out how to use configuration split to exclude the configuration for blocks, so that a site editor could move blocks around.

This is possible using the section currently labeled

Conditional Split (Graylist / Branched Configuration / Soft Overrides)

I am using this for webforms as they are also configuration. I have the following in this field for this split:


What is very important to make this work is that you also need to add a step that exports just this conditional split configuration in your deployment before the deployed configuration gets imported. This is similar to when you are working in a team using configuration management and you want to make sure you do not overwrite your co-coders code or erase your most recent commits. You have to do the step in the correct order or stuff can go missing.

I have a line like this in my deployment:

cd %s/docroot && drush cr drush && drush csex -y excluded

This does the following:

  • Changes to the root of the composer project
  • Clears the drush cache
  • Exports the configuration split with the name excluded

I saw a presentation by the developer here in Switzerland and have viewed all the online presentations about Configuration Split. It is a great tool, however the Conditional Split was previously just called Grey list. I and others found this terminology confusing. The current labeling on the field in a compromise between trying to make it easier to understand for new users and preserving the old terminology for those that are already used to it. I prefer to call this split type excluded configuration but it did not make it in the cut for the labeling.

I hope this helps!


Submitted by Frederick Henderson (not verified) on Tue, 09/19/2017 - 04:48

June 29, 2017