Contact + Contact Storage (contrib) Module as a Drupal 8 Webform/Entityform Replacement

Published February 17, 2016

Looking to migrate your Drupal 6 or 7 site to Drupal 8 but can't do it yet because your site it too reliant on the Webform (or Entityform) module? There's actually very elegant solution that is ready to go today. The core Drupal 8 "Contact" module is now a fully-fledged fieldable entity - meaning you can create various "contact form" types with different sets of fields. Like Entityform, you can use any field types provided by Drupal core as well as contributed modules. When a contact form is submitted, the data is emailed to the assigned addresses.

The Contact Storage module provides the functionality missing from the core Contact form - the ability to save user submissions in the database. Furthermore, Contact Storage stores all submissions in a way that makes them automatically compatible with Views!

The Drupal 8 version of uses exactly this technique for all of our forms, including our main contact form, our Drupal Career Online application form, as well as our various training student surveys. 

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