Ubercart Product Quantities

Depending on what type of product you sell on your Ubercart powered Drupal site, you may want to make it even easier for your users to increase the quantity of what they're ordering.

One of the "product" setting buried deep within the Ubercart configuration settings area is the "Display an optional quantity field in the Add to Cart form." checkbox. This allows your users to change the product quantity before they actually add the product to their cart. While it saves time (and clicks), this can also be very useful when building a view that utilizes the "Add to cart" form. With this option, you can basically create a tables of your products (or a subset of products) with a quantity and "Add to cart" button next to each item.

While this option doesn't always make sense for some products (cars, horses, or zeppelins, for example), it can be very useful for other products (tickets, yogurt, socks, or soup [maybe that's just me!])


How can you have a decimal quantity in ubercart ie: .5 yds of fabric, .5 lbs of sugar, etc....


Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 09:21

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