Upgrading DrupalEasy.com to Drupal 9, Part 4

This is part 4 of a series of videos showing the process to upgrade DrupalEasy.com to Drupal 9. 

It should be noted that part 4 isn't so much about the Drupal 9 upgrade process as it entirely focuses on replacing the outdated drupal-composer/drupal-scaffold Composer plugin with the new Drupal Core, community-supported drupal/core-composer-scaffold Composer plugin as well as (since this site is hosted on Pantheon) pantheon-systems/drupal-integrations Composer Plugin.

The process is mainly based on the Upgrade Status module's report and was recording during the weekly, 2-hour DrupalEasy office hours (provided to alumni of Drupal Career Online). 

Part 4 includes:

  • Updating the Drupal Core scaffolding plugin.

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