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Drupal Career Online

You can get the foundations of your career as a professional Drupal developer in place by November 2020 with our premier Drupal Career Online program! The DCO is a 12-week hands on, comprehensive, live-online instructor led course. Deadline to apply for the Fall 2020 session is August 26th, with classes starting August 31st! Sign up for one of our no-cost Taste of Drupal webinars to learn more! Learn more.

On the Mic

We missed a week, but we're back with a super-sized retro episode where we talk with two of the original DrupalEasy podcast hosts!

Project Coaching

What your Drupal project needs, when it needs it, in the format that works best. Somewhere between training and consulting, our goal is to help you complete your project using best practices while ensuring that your development team isn't left out of the loop.
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Learn DDEV

DrupalEasy offers monthly 2-hour, live-instructor, online workshops to help get you up-and-running with DDEV. If you're looking to upgrade your local development environment to a modern, Docker-based solution, then this workshop is for you. Learn how to share environment configuration with the rest of your team, access command-line tools like Drush and Composer without having to install them, and many other tips-and-tricks. Learn more...

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If you use the Drupal Composer Drupal Project template for managing your Drupal 8 site’s codebase, and you commit dependencies to your Git repository, then you’ve probably run into issues involving cloned dependencies.

Quick Study

If you build Drupal 8 sites using the Drupal Composer/Drupal Project Composer template (DCDP), then you've likely noticed the development dependency webflo/drupal-core-requ

Why Choose Drupal?

More and more savvy organizations are going with Drupal for content management, and it's no mystery why. It’s free, flexible, and easy to maintain for small or large volume sites. Learn more...