Project Coaching

  • Expert coaching.
  • Best practices.
  • Site sustainability.
  • Customized training for your project.
  • What your project needs.
  • When your project needs it.
  • The format your team requires.

DrupalEasy Project coaching is a win for you, gaining confidence in yourself while building knowledge, and a win for your project, by having [Mike's] experience and foresight guide the project through all levels from start to finish.

  • Carla Stoner, Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System

What is project coaching?

DrupalEasy's project coaching engagements provide the expertise you need, when you need it, in the format that makes the most sense. 

Whether you use your own internal development team, or have an external team working in your site, our project coaching is there to ensure that the project moves forward in a way that focuses on best practices and sustainability. We focus on enabling your developers to build the best site possible for your organization with an eye on developer workflows, site maintainability, and developer efficiency. In short, we help your developers to deliver a site built the right way, on-time, on-budget, and easy to maintain. 

Michael helped me with a complex transition from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 at a time when D8 was still very much in development. Throughout the project he was helpful, resourceful, efficient, available, and thoroughly skillful. Michael has the skills to create his own solutions to problems when there is not an off the shelf option. He has a wide network of contacts in the Drupal community which he leverages to find the right path to take on any given task or feature need.

Our project coaching services are often utilized in all aspects of the project timeline, including discovery/planning, design, development, data migration, quality assurance, and launch. We can work with clients on a set schedule or provide on-call services during project development.

Project coaching can be delivered either online or in-person - whichever makes the most sense for you and your organization. 

Project coaching can take many forms, but typical engagements include:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings to review progress, get past blocking issues, and plan future work.
  • Periodic training sessions where we provide training for developers on specific topics they need to complete a task.
  • Assistance with your project's specific information architecture, usability, accessibility, or other design-related topics.
  • Development services for tasks that your development team doesn't have the skills or time to accomplish.
  • Code review.
  • Assistance with developer workflows; training developers best practices in typical local/dev/stage/live project environments.


Michael Anello has been developing Drupal sites since 2006, he is the lead instructor for the 12-week Drupal Career Online, and has taught various Drupal-y topics at Drupal events around the world. His consulting and training clients have included universities of all sizes, worldwide brands, as well as regional and local organizations. He has a strong commitment to the Drupal community, participating in several committees and local groups. In addition, Michael has contributed code and documentation to many modules as well as the Drupal 8 migration system.