DrupalEasy Podcast 74: The Marketing of Drupal

There’s a full house on the podcast this week as Andrew, Ryan, and Mike are joined by Dave Terry (Mediacurrent), John Hannah (Friendly Machine), and Glenn Hilton (ImageX Media) to discuss the Drupal community’s less-than-stellar effort of marketing our beloved software to people outside the community. Both Dave and John have written thought-provoking blog posts on this topic in the past few months while Glenn has been a leader in organizing and evangelizing Drupal business summits. We also managed to discuss the Drupal Association’s recent at-large elections, Coworking Fridays, Acquia’s recent code contributions, recent usability studies, as well as our picks of the week!

Five Stories

  1. The Marketing of Drupal - Dave Terry’s A Drupal Crisis Point: Losing the Marketing War, John Hannah’s The Marketing of Drupal, DrupalSummit.com
  2. First-ever community-elected Board Members announced by the Drupal Association 
  3. Drupal Coworking Friday Followup 
  4. Drupal Gardens adds content access control, image tools, bulk operations, and more!
  5. Drupal Usability Study

Picks of the Week



Site of the Week

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha is a club for fans of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy created by Douglas Adams - submitted by Alex McLintock

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Listener Homework

Fact-check Ryan and Andrew’s explanation of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.

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superb ideas about the marketing strategies in the Drupalsphere, from the DrupalEasy cast.

WordPress fans should listen to this episode, and chime in their thoughts (+ / -) here as well. #LetMePickYourBrain

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February 14, 2012