DrupalEasy Podcast 109: Gray Area

Rick Manelius (rickmanelius), a project architect from Newmedia joins Mike Anello and Ted Bowman to talk about how and why Drupal developers should care about PCI Compliance. Anyone who builds, or is thinking of building, Drupal Commerce sites should listen to this episode. In addition to all the scintillating talk about PCI Compliance, we also discussed DrupalCon Prague, the Drupal 8 API Freeze, and our picks of the week!


Five Questions

Each podcast we ask our guests the same five questions. Here are Rick Manelius's answers:

  1. MacBook Pro, Sublime Text
  2. Kevin Bridges (Cyberswat)
  3. Boston
  4. Any new speaker!
  5. The ability to run "drush sql-sync --sanitize" and have the data sanitized before download

Want to know what the five questions are? Listen to the podcast!

DrupalEasy News

Two Stories

  1. DrupalCon Prague - content submissions close Friday, July 12.
  2. Drupal 8 API Freeze



Picks of the Week

Upcoming Gigs

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Pink Floyd - Money


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Still have Matt Cheney listed in the Five Questions section...

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Whoops! Thanks for catching the typo - it's all fixed now.


July 11, 2013