DDEV integration plugin for PhpStorm can increase your Drupal development efficiency

Published May 27, 2023

If you use DDEV and PhpStorm, then the DDEV Integration plugin should definitely interest you (especially if you're into code quality tools like phpcs and PhpStan). If you don't use DDEV and PhpStorm, then the DDEV Integration plugin might entice you to take a fresh look...

It can be arduous to configure PhpStorm to integrate with phpcs and/or PhpStan to show code quality issues in the PhpStorm Problems area as shown here:

Screenshot of PhpStorm's Problems tab.

In the past, we've often recommended to students and client that they install Drupal Coder alongside their Drupal projects and then point to its binaries of phpcs and PhpStan (utilizing the host operating system's PHP) in order to (somewhat) easily integrate those tools with PhpStorm.

The DDEV integration plugin makes it easy to point to phpcs and PhpStan in each project (assuming drupal/core-dev dependencies are included in the project) and then (here's the magic) utilize the automatically configured (by the DDEV integration plugin) command-line access inside the DDEV web container - awesome!

PhpStorm DDEV command-line configuration.

This configuration allows you to point to your phpcs.xml configuration file using the file path inside the DDEV web container!

DrupalEasy's Professional Module Development course (Full version) includes configuring both Visual Studio Code and PhpStorm to integrate phpcs, phpcbf, and PhpStan in an efficient manner.


The DDEV plugin also sets up your Database connection. In a Docker driven development environment that tends to be a "secret" bit of knowledge that has to be track down and then immediately forgotten. The DDEV plugin remembers.

Having the database connection working, reliably, helps in those few situations where you need to follow your problem all the way back to your data. At that point, you've probably checked so many things that having to setup your database then could cause burnout-inducing frustration.

Submitted by Chris Weber (not verified) on Wed, 09/20/2023 - 14:49

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