DrupalEasy Podcast 05: The Cat's Meow

Despite a quiet couple of weeks in the Drupal world, Andrew, Ryan, and Mike still found 5 things to talk about including a lively debate about what's wrong with Drupal. The 30-minute podcast also covers a super-quick way to tell if a site is built on Drupal, a Mac OSX-only Drupal notifier, Googlebot's voracious appetite, and a Drupal meta-list. The picks of the week include a couple of tried-and-true modules as well as one that looks awfully familiar.

5 Stories

Picks of the Week - every podcast we each pick a module, theme, or other Drupal-related "thing" that we'd like to spread the word about.

  • Mike - Flag by Nathan Haug (quicksketch) - Bookmarks, buddylists, and global flags are all possible with this super-flexible module. Check out Mike's recent article about the Flag module.
  • Andrew - Taxonomy Access Control by Keve (keve)- Allows restricting of access to nodes based off of taxonomy and role
  • Ryan - Views Rotator by Matt Farina (mfer)- The Views Rotator module provides a Views style plugin to display items by rotating through the items displaying one at a time. The cycling of images happens via JavaScript (jQuery) with a number of configurable options. See also Views Cycle or Views Slideshow. To see a big comparison of modules that slide or rotate, check out this comparison of Drupal slideshow modules

Site of the Week - every podcast we collectively pick a (usually new) Drupal site to be highlighted and discussed. This week's pick is the official site of the UK Office of the European Parliament - http://www.europarl.org.uk/

If you'd like your site highlighted, please submit it here: http://DrupalEasy.com/siteoftheweek

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April 05, 2009