DrupalEasy Podcast 214 -Travis Carden - Drupal Spec Tool

Travis Carden, (traviscarden), Senior Software Engineer at Acquia joins Mike Anello to talk about the spreadsheet-based Drupal Spec Tool, a very cool tool that allows teams to specify different parts of a Drupal site and then generates diagrams and Behat tests.


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Before we get to the awesome "final" step of having the spreadsheet drive a set of changes in a website. It would be most excellent to have the spreadsheet itself be populated based on the exposed configuration of an existing site.

We're now able to expose the config of a website via JSON and we could be populating things such as content types / bundles / fields / taxonomies so that when preparing the spreadsheet you save the step where you manually fill it out with all the details.

This would benefit the larger set of folks that may not want to have the spreadsheet drive changes in the site.

Submitted by Chris Weber (not verified) on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 12:07

December 20, 2018