Upgrading DrupalEasy.com to Drupal 9, Part 7

This is part 7 of a series of videos showing the process to upgrade DrupalEasy.com to Drupal 9. 

The process is mainly based on the Upgrade Status module's report and was recording during the weekly, 2-hour DrupalEasy office hours (provided to alumni of Drupal Career Online). 

Part 7 includes:

  • Upgraded Simple XML Sitemap module.
  • Upgraded STMP module,
  • Re-enabled Paragraphs, Bootstrap Paragraphs, and Classy Paragraphs module so that I can uninstall Views Reference Field module.
  • Uninstalled Views Reference Field module after figuring out that it is no longer used on the site :)

The bulk of this part was figuring out how to uninstall the Views Reference Field - it refused to be uninstalled due to "fields pending deletion". After some research and much trial-and-error, it was determined that the cause was likely the Bootstrap Paragraphs module not uninstalling itself cleanly. So, some reinstallation and then uninstallation was necessary to resolve the situation.

Previous installments

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