Our Big (even by Texas standards) DrupalCon Session

Published May 26, 2014

It’s no secret DrupalEasy’s commitment to Drupal talent career development is as big as our passion for Drupal itself. What’s not been so conspicuous, is the role of so many organizations that share that commitment, many of whom support dozens of our students with mentoring, internships, jobs and referrals. Their stealth ends in Austin.

We are so happy to announce (and lure you to) our Texas-sized panel of awesome Drupal talent-focused players who will be enlightening us at the Drupal Career TrailHead; Embark on a Path to Success business track lab session at DrupalCon. The team includes insightful executives, living case studies, career experts, and recruiters for Drupal’s fastest growing organizations that represent what is and what will be coming down the pike for Drupal talent in the US and abroad.

Nancy Stango, CEO of BlinkReaction, will charge up the session with her take on where growth is the greatest, and where you should be focusing your talents to steer your career toward opportunity-rich niches. Nancy knows a little bit about growth; having just hired 35 excellent Drupalers to Blink over the past few months, and comes to DrupalCon with one mission; to hire 35 more.

Whether you are at your career trailhead, or are down the path a bit, you’ll be able to relate to one of the living case studies on our panel of Trailblazers, who will outline the decisions and actions that led to their success. James Rutherford of MediaCurrent will explain how, as an experienced developer, he found his passion and success in Drupal. CivicActions’ Gerardo Gonzalez began as a new college grad who decided to take the Drupal road, and Mike Herchel will guide you along his path from a Drupal hobbyist to his new position as a Front-end Developer at Lullabot.

Mike Anello, the architect of DrupalEasy’s Drupal Career Starter Program, will present Drupal Career Waypoints, strategies and must-do steps no matter what your starting point or the Drupal niche you’ve set your sites on. Mike has provided intensive career training, assisted, observed and mentored more than 60 people over the past four years, some of whom had not heard of Drupal until they found DrupalEasy. He’ll share his observations, insights and tips for success.

To top off this super-sized session, four recruiters from some of the top global Drupal shops will tell you what they look for, and the traits and talents you need to become employable and highly sought after Drupal talent. This View from the Summit includes Eric Gaffen from Acquia; Mike Minecki of Four Kitchens; Steve Parks of Wunderkraut, and Kim Pepper from PreviousNext.

Please join all of us on Tuesday from 3:45 to 6:00 pm at Drupal Career TrailHead; Embark on a Path to Success, in Room 12-MediaCurrent 4th floor. In addition to all of the excellent insight, we will also have some resources for those just starting out our seeking to shorten their career paths.


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