Live, Online Web Developer Workshops

Published June 11, 2014

Calling all aspiring web developers! DrupalEasy Academy’s super popular Zero-to-Drupal workshop, (and all the awesome learning resources that go with it) is available anywhere, live through our online classroom June 18th and 19th (and on scheduled dates every other month!) Register now!

Zero-to-Drupal gets you started on the basics of web development using Drupal, whether you are deciding if Drupal is right for your project or your career. The 8-hour workshop is taught over two afternoons from 1:00 – 5:00 pm EDT (5:00 - 9:00 pm GMT). Cost is just $149!

You will complete the course understanding the Drupal framework, how to install it and how to build a very simple site. The totally interactive sessions will cover what Drupal is, its building blocks, how to start from scratch, and hands-on editing. We’ll also provide a short introduction to some of the heavier hitting modules used in Drupal website development, get into a bit on Search Engine Optimization, and provide you with tips for teaching yourself.

Mike Anello (ultimike) will present this workshop live, via fully-interactive web-based classroom. And, it’s DrupalEasy, so you know you get a lot more than just training time. Zero-to-Drupal includes an ebook with helpful information and detailed instructions for the workshop examples, access to screencasts for follow up, and plenty of resources to take your web development skills further. (Wow! Did we mention its just $149). Register now.

If you can’t make the Zero-to-Drupal workshop next week, check our schedule for other upcoming training opportunities. This includes our super immersive 12-week Drupal Career Online program beginning in August for those who are serious about building their Drupal development skills.

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